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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Progress on the Dressing Table - Sides and Apron

I was off to another fall meeting of the SAPFM today, this time to the Great Lakes Chapter in Detroit MI.  Had a great meeting but did not get to work in the shop today.

So yesterday, I worked on the sides by cutting the ogee shape on the sides of the cabinet and then removed the saw mark with files.

They look good so I am done with that small task.

So now I have to clean up the saw marks and shape the apron to the lines that I laid out prior to band sawing.  I use the curved bottom spokeshave and the flat bottom spokesave.

I doesn't take too much time and the mahogany is easy to work.

I use a card scraper in the end to remove the last few bumps and scratches.

This takes care of the face of the apron and now I turn my attention to the bottom using the same tools.

All finished for now.  Looking pretty good.  I will use this as a template for the next two drawer blades.  The top and center blades have to match these apron curves exactly.  In the next post I'll dovetail the blades into the leg posts and cut out the matching curves.

So here is today's video:

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