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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cutting Out Cabriolet Leg and Discovering the Template is Wrong

Well I was going to cut out the cabriolet legs today and mortise the top section of the legs .  Reviewing the grain of one of the legs, I was questioning just how it would look.  So, I decided to saw it out and take a look.  If it was not top notch then I could use it as a back leg maybe.
So I got to it.
Sawing went ok and I completed cutting both sides.
At first everything seemed just fine.  But then I started to look at the shape of the pad foot as it related to the lower leg.  It seemed too far back.  So I started to shape it to the final size to see it I liked it.

I did not, it was too far back for my design eye.  So, I modified the template and made another leg out of poplar.  It would be a shame to waste more mahogany.
So here they are;
The poplar one on the left is much more pleasant to my liking.  Now I have to mill another leg blank and this mahogany one is expensive fire wood.

I am leaving tomorrow for the SAPFM Ohio River Valley Chapter fall meeting in RioGrande Ohio.
So I be there all weekend.  I'll get some pics and post them.  See you when I get back.
Here is today's video:

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