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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back from SAPFM Ohio River Valley Chapter Meeting

Had a great weekend at the SAPFM Ohio River Valley Chapter  meeting held at the Rio Grande University Woodworking School.  Check out the website which will have all of the presenters and minutes from the meeting.  The spring meeting is at the top of the list now but the fall meeting will be posted soon.

We had a number of presenters including myself.  I led a discussion on bandsaw tuning and jigs.  We had presenters on making traditional acoustic guitars and reconditioning metal flea market hand planes.    We also do a show and tell session where the guys bring things that they have made and talk about how they made them.
Charlie Watson showing how he made a pair of Chippendale chairs.
John Herrel talking about his inlay trays.
Doug Moulder demonstrating how he made his wooden hand planes and Jefferson writing desk.

There where other but I did not get all of the presenters pictures.  But check out the web site in a few days it will all be there.

So now I have to get back to my curved front dressing table.

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