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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Developing the Curved Front Apron Prototype and Mahogany

I worked on the curved front apron today.  This is important to get right since the other drawer blades and drawer fronts will have to match this design.   I checked out the cardboard template that I had made and it was a little off.  So I decided to just redraw the design on the wood.
I was unsure how the design would look so I decided to make a prototype out of poplar before using the good mahogany.

Here is the design after I used the band saw to cut out the apron.  It is 4 inches high and 2 1/2 inches thick.

 It looks ok so now I have to do it over on the mahogany.  I have one piece of 12/4 stock left but it is 10 inches wide so I have enough to make 2, So, if I screw up one I'll still have one more to go before I would have to buy more mahogany.

I flattened the board and squared it up and ripped a 4 inch piece with the best color and grain.  I laid out the design carefully.  I have decided to cut the tenons for the most part on the table saw.  I will finish them with a hand saw.

Here you can see that I cut the stock back to 1 3/4 inches which matches the top of the leg.  The tenon is centered on the 1 3/4.

I cut the shoulder of the tenon on the table saw, I wanted to make sure that they were square. Now I will finish them off with a hand saw

Hand sawing the cheeks of the tenon, leaving them a little fat

Fitted one tenon to my sample block

Apron in place, looks like a good fit.

Now all I have to do is band saw out the pattern on the bottom and front.  Just like I did with the poplar one this morning but with much more care to stay outside the lines.

Saw marks are still there but I work on removing them tomorrow.

Here is today's video:

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