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Monday, May 6, 2019

Chipman Oxbow Chests Finishing and Complete Step 9

I am working on the lock mortises today.  They are always trouble.  I don't have one of the special chisels for chopping them out, the chisels seemed to expensive to me, and it would get very little use.

I have made a small chisel from an old file. The tip is under 1/4 inch. It is short enough to chop out a mortise in a 3 1/2 inch drawer opening.

 I used lipstick on the lock bolt/striker to apply a mark on the under side on the drawer runner. Now I know where to chop out the mortise.  I make it a little bigger than need be because the drawers can move from side to side a little and I don't want the lock to bind.

After chopping out the mortises I turn the chest right side up and test to make sure all the locks fit.

 After I completed sanding the chests to 180, I wiped them down with alcohol to remove the dust. I do not plan to stain these pieces since they seem dark enough already and staining hides the grain.
Now I tape masking paper on the chest and drawers to keep the spray from going where I don't want it.

I sprayed a total of 5 coats of  2# cut of shellac.  I used 400 grit wet and dry sand paper after the first and fourth coats.  The fifth coat was then applied after it was smooth.

Still more work to do.  After waiting a couple of days to dry. I rubbed the surface with 0000 steel wool. Not the 0000 from the hardware store but either Briwax or Liberon 0000 steel wool.

I wear a mask while sanding and rubbing out with steel wool.  Too much dust for me.

Lastly I apply Minwax special dark wax and buff it to a soft shine.  Then I put the hardware back on.
Here is the finished product.

Here is today's video: