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Monday, October 27, 2014

Installing the Vertical Drawer Dividers - Very Detailed Work

Today I installed the vertical drawer dividers.  There are two and they have 1/2 inch dovetails on each end.  In the video I say that I am going to make them 1/2 inch deep but I changed my mind and made them 5/8 inch deep.  It just seemed better to me.

So here I am lining them up, and then scribe the knife line around the dovetail

The back part of the dovetail will be removed leaving 5/8 inch  before I install the vertical rail. This will match the depth of the dovetail.

Here I am cutting out the center drawer blade when the two pieces intersect.  I am cutting out 5/8 inch notch.  In the vertical rail I cut out a notch of 1 1/8 inch so when they go together they are flush.  The vertical divider is 1 3/4 inches deep.

Now I am cutting out the dovetail on the top drawer blade.

This one is installed. Looks like a good fit.

Got the second one installed. And they are both perpendicular to the drawer blades.

Now the next step is to install the drawer runners.  I am starting to layout all of the little pieces that I need.
Here is today's video:


  1. You make that look so easy Dave, and it's anything but that.
    Everything looks very precise and exact. Well done as always.
    Is anything glued together yet, or is it all still dry fit?

    1. No, nothing is glued. Once I finish making the drawer runners it will be time to glue up the carcass

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