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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Design Drawer Runners and Kickers - Lots of Small Mortise and Tenon

I made some decisions about how I want to install the drawer runners.  Some times the drawer runners are mortised into the back of the case.  This makes the glue-up of the case more complicated since all of these little runners have to be positioned front and back as you are gluing and assembling the case.  There are six drawers in this dressing table and that makes for a lot of drawer runners and dividers.  So I decided to make a frame which contains all the mortise and tenon joinery and then can be  slipped into the case after it has been assembled.
Looking down into case you can see the side runner on the left clamped into place. There needs to be this style of runner all the way around the case, two times.  Once for the first row of drawers and then again for the second row.

Lots of little pieces to cut and mortise and tenon together.

I have to put mortises in all of the front and rear rails

With the front and rear rails mortised, I need to put matching tenons on all of the runners.  I am using my tenoning jig here on the table saw.

Now all it have to do is fit all this together.

All assembled ready to install

I fit these frames into the case.

Everything seems to fit, so I think the case work is complete. After I glue up the case I will slip the drawer frames in from the top and bottom.  I will glue and nail them in place.

Now I should sand the case pieces before I glue it up.  I hate to sand but it is easier to do before the piece is assembled.

I also need to look into making the curved drawer fronts to match the curves on the case front.  I'll look into that tomorrow.  No rush into sanding!

Here is today's video:

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