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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waterlox - Only One Coat Per Day

Well it is the 5th day in the application of the finish coats of Waterlox.  I have been careful in applying the finish.  I want to make sure the surface is smooth and dust free.

Each day after the previous coat has dried, I rubbed it out with Liberon superfine 0000 steel wool.
This steel wool is finer than the hardware store 0000.  I use both types but for this finish I want the Liberon.  It comes on a big spool, so I cut off a length, make it into a pad and rub out the surface to an even dull luster.   Then I vacuum off the steel wool dust, it does make a mess.  Then I wipe down the entire piece with a clean cotton rag.  

Now I am read to apply the next coat of Waterlox.  I wipe it on with a clean cotton rag.  Make sure it is even and no runs.  You have to watch the edges, because the finish will pool and get thicker there. It take about an hour to do all the prep and apply the next coat.

Than I close up the shop and let it set for a day, that way it does not get as much dust on it while it is tacky.
I think I could use a clean room, but then I would never get out of the shop
Here is how it looks after 5 coats.

I think it could use another one or two coats.  Once I stop applying finish, I will wait a week or more and then sand with 600 grit wet or dry and then apply a paste wax.
Can't wait for it to be finished.


  1. I have had the same thoughts about some kind of dedicated finishing space, but it forces me to take a break which I think is a good thing. Looks really beautiful David, where is this piece destined to go?

    1. Shannon, good question.... I would like to sell it. My wife has her eye on it. We really don't have a place for it in the house. I will probably put it on Etsy to sell.

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