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Monday, August 11, 2014

Trouble with the Table Top Hinge - I Had to Do it Twice

I thought that I would practice cutting the mortise for the table top hinge since I had not installed this type of hinge before.   I had the cutoff's from making the table top so I had pieces which were exactly like the top.
I thought about using my router to cut the mortise, but setting up blocks and guides would be a lot of work and I am not sure it would come out any better.   I also thought about using my router plane, but I would still have to set up blocks to support the plane.   So I decided to just use chisels.
Using my ruler and small square I marked out what I thought were good lines.  Since the table edge is rounded I could not just lay it on the side and run a marking knife along the edge.
Here is a shot of the board with the beginning of the mortise.  It is all end grain so it is a little difficult to cut out the slot.
I have the first one fitted.  It took awhile....
Here it is with both fitted.  I did not get the hinge blades straight and the butt of the hinge is not flush with the edge of the top.  So the top would not close.  Nothing I can do now to improve the fit.  I will have to measure more carefully.
It is definitely a do over.
Here is the second attempt.  The hinge blades are parallel and the hinge closes correctly and flush.
I really have to be careful when I measure and chop out with the chisels.
I am ready to put the hinges on the top but first I have to sand the top so that it is at the final dimension before I cut the hinge mortise.  So tomorrow I will start my favorite part of woodworking. Sanding.  NOT....
Here is today's video:

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  1. See, I knew if I got out of the way, you would get it to work!
    Well done. Sand away.