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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sanding and Dye Staining the Table

I have sanded the table by going through the grits 120, 150, 180 and 220. For the frame it was done all by hand.  For the top since it is flat I used my orbital sander.  I used a vacuum to remove the dust after the last pass.
 Sanding around the carving was only done lightly with the 220 sand paper.  I don't want to loose the detail.
I am wearing a mask to keep from inhaling all the mahogany dust which irritates me. So I have sanded everything to 220.  Now I have to pick a color for the table.  I often feel that this process is like alchemy, each wood takes the stain or dye differently.   Maybe I should stay with only one type of wood.   It has been awhile since I have worked with mahogany.  It is an open grain wood so often finishers fill the wood to close the pores.  I do not intend on filling this piece.  I may sand down each coat of finish which has some filling but not completely.
I have selected my color after trying about six different colors and finishes.
   It Lockwood's Honduras Mahogany which has a little brown in it.  Here is how it looks after applying the dye.
I did not pre-raise grain.  I will rub it out now with steel wool or scotch pads.  Making sure the color is even.
Next is to select the top coat.  It will be either blond shellac, Waterlox, or Tried and True.  I will do some testing next.
Here is today video:


  1. The dye color looks very appropriate for mahogany, I like it!
    Oh, and the natural maple, in my opinion, is a nice contrast, especially to anyone who would ever get on the floor and look up underneath the table.
    Looking good!
    Now its off to Ashland for me.

  2. I agree with Doug, the contrast is beautiful. I really like the dye you chose as well. I'm finishing up a mahogany trestle table so I'm going to get some of Lockwood's Honduras Mahogany dye and test it out.

  3. Thanks Luke, This is the second or third piece that I have stained with that color.
    I am testing Tried and True Original Finish for a top coat. I may use it.