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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Attaching the Hinges to the Top and Fasten the Top to the Frame

I finally finished chopping out the mortises for the hinges.  Very delicate work and all end grain cuts.  Now I have to drill pilot holes for the screws.  I am using my egg beater drill to put a shallow hole in the end grain.
I position the two halves with one hinge attached and then screw in the other half.
Now comes the test to see if it closes flat and flush.
Looks pretty good.  I got the hinges from Horton Brasses.  They even included extra screws.
Now to position it on the frame.
The overhang is 3/4 inch on the front and sides and 1/16 inch beyond the rear swinging leg.
I am fastening the top using the table buttons.  I am using 1 1/4 inch 10# screws.  About 5/8 inch is going into the top.  I pre-drilled the screw hole using a tapered drill.

All Done.  Now to take it apart and sand the frame and legs.  The top is already at 180.  I'll sand the whole table to 220 before I raise the grain.
Here is today's video.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent job on the hinges Dave.
    The assembled table looks great. The legs swing out nicely and the top looks perfectly flat.
    You did that pricey mahogany justice!