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Friday, November 7, 2014

Concave Drawer Fronts Completed - Now I Have To Do the Sanding!

I completed the steps necessary for creating the two concave drawer fronts.  The steps were similar to those used for the convex drawer fronts.

I cut out the curve with a bandsaw and then I cleaned it up so I could run the 1/4 inch round over with the router setups that I used for the convex drawers.  I only had to adjust the height of the bit on the router which was mounted on the radial arm saw.

I did have to modify the box which cut the  1/4 inch curve that created the drawer lip. I added an insert so I could cut the reverse curve lip.

I also needed to use a hand saw and chisels to remove the waste in the corners which I could not reach with the table saw or router.

All done and ready for fitting.  I'll cut out the curve in the back later after I dovetail the sides of the drawer to the fronts.

Here we are with all six drawer fronts fit to the case.   I can not think of any more woodworking to do at this point.
I have been putting off the sanding and glue up because I really don't like to sand as you can tell. Now there is no avoiding the sanding process.

Here is today's video:

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