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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Chapin HighChest Mounting Crown Molding Step 12

It has been awhile since I have posted anything because I have been on vacation and had other chores to do.  I am just now getting back to working on the Chapin highchest.
In the last post I made practise moldings for the front and sides of the upper chest.
Now I need to make the molding with good cherry stock.
I started by milling the cherry to size 2 1/2 by  1 3/4 for the sides and 1 3/8 by 1 3/4 for the front. Then like in the previous post I dadoed the pieces to create steps for the hollows and rounds to create the shapes.

Then I used the hollows and rounds to create the ogee shape on the side molding.

Having completed that, I decided that I needed a scraper to clean up the molding shape and to insure that the shape was consistent across the entire molding length.  I was going to need this scraper for the gooseneck moldings as well. I pasted a piece of the paper template onto  a putty knife and ground it on the bench grinder.

Once the pattern was ground I was able to use it as a scraper across the shape on the length of the molding.

This is the completed side molding with the ogee, cove and bead.  Now I need to repeat the cove and bead on the front molding

Here I am using a 1 inch round to create the cove on the front molding.  Later I will use a router with a beading bit to create the bead.  Then clean up the molding with scrapers and sandpaper.

Now that the molding was made I need to mount it  on the chest. I started by mitering the left corner of the front molding.

Then I mitered the left side molding to match that front edge.  When I was satisfied I tacked the left side molding in place with small finish nails.

While the front molding was still just clamped in place I removed it and mitered it to the right corner of the chest. Then I tacked the front molding in place with finish nails.

Then I mitered the right side molding to match the right front molding. When I was satisfied with the fit I tacked the right side molding in place.

Now all the molding was tacked in place, I removed the molding leaving the nails in place so that I could replace the molding exactly where it had been before gluing.

I glued the entire front molding and tacked the molding back in place with the 3 nails.  Then I added the side moldings but only glued the first 4 inches in the front of the side molding and then tacked in the 2 nails in the center and back.

I added a nail to each of the mitered joints to help hold together the seams.  I still needed to set the nails and cut off the extra in the back of the side moldings.

Now I am satisfied with the crown molding, it is time to start working on the gooseneck front moldings.

Here is today's video:

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