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Friday, November 6, 2015

19th Century Clerks Desk - Stretchers and Glue up - Step 2

After making the base frame in the last post, I started to make the lower leg stretchers.  These are 1 inch square stock.
Because of the taper of the legs the shoulder of the tenon will have to be at an angle.  I scribe a line from underneath the legs to get the shoulder of the tenon.  The tenon is 3/4 inch long by 3/8 inch thick.  

The tenons and shoulders fit, now I have to chop out the mortises.

I use a drill with a 3/8 bit and drill two holes to start to make the mortise.

Then all I have to do is pare out the waste with a chisel.

I give it a wack with my dead blow hammer and it fits.  Now to do 3 more.

I put tenons on the center stretcher and then put mortises in the side stretchers.

Now I am going to cut out the drawer front from the front apron.  I want to save the material that I cut out for the drawer front so the grain will match.

I use my scroll saw and drill a 3/32 hole in the corner and then cut out the drawer front free hand on the scroll saw.
This worked pretty well, but I have to clean up the opening and the drawer front.  I plan on putting cock beading around the drawer front so it's current size in not a problem.

Here is how it looks after I cleaned up the opening and the drawer front.  Looking good.

Next I need to make the frame to hold the drawer runners and kicker for the drawer.  I use a 1 inch frame along the front and back.  I mortise two drawer runners front to back into the frame.  The runners are 2 inch wide.  Now I need to add vertical runners to hold the drawer left to right.

I glued in the vertical runners to create a channel for drawer.  I added a kicker on the top.

All that remains is to sand the pieces to 180 grit and glue up the frame.
I have used the Old Brown Hide Glue to glue it up. and of course lots of clamps.

In the video I say that next I will start on the desk portion but now I think I will make the drawer next and get  that out of the way.

So here is today's video:

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