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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Drop Leaf Cherry Table - How I make a segmented turned leg - Step 2

I  have been traveling again, so it has been a little while since I have been in the shop.  In the last post I figured out that I wanted to make a segmented leg instead of trying to make it out of one piece.

There were two reasons, one I couldn't get the 1 3/8 inch diameter out of the 1 3/4 inch leg stock after it had been cut and second there was a lot of vibration when I tried to turn it in one piece.

In the last video I said I would detail how to cut the 60 degree angle on the legs.  I found an article in Fine Woodworking September 2008 where they were making a table with similar legs.  The article show how to make the stock in two cuts.  One with a left fence and one with a right side fence.

So here is how I did it.  I set the fence on the left of the blade.  Measured 1 3/4 inches from the fence to the lower edge of the blade set at 30 degrees.  I am using 1 3/4 inch thick stock which is a little wider then the 1 3/4 inch.

I made that cut and got the 1 3/4 inches on the bottom and a slope that is longer then 1 3/4 inch.  Next I need to cut the longer slope to 1 3/4 inch with the fence on the other side.

I measured 1 3/4 inches across the face of the slope and made a mark to line up the saw.  Then made the rip cut.

This is what it looks like after the second cut.  Two 1 3/4 inch faces at 60 degrees and the back two faces where the mortises go.

Then I chopped it into the sections that I need to turn the pommels.   Then I put center marks on the pieces and turned the pommels on center.

Once I turned all the pommels, I make up some 1 3/8 inch stock and turned the center pattern and the lower foot pattern.  I put circular tenons of 7/8 inch by 1 1/4 inch on the ends.  These will fit in holes drilled in the triangular blocks.

Drilling 7/8 inch holes in the triangular ends.  Notice I had to make a jig cut at 60 degrees to hold the pieces for drilling.  It seems I needed to make a lot of jigs to hold these odd shaped leg parts.

Here are the assembled legs next to the original practice one piece leg. The turned portions of the legs is larger than the triangular portion by 1/8 inch, so I will have to prop up a portion when I glue them together.

I decided to chop out the mortises prior to gluing up the legs because it would be easier.  I had to made another jig to hold the legs parts at  90 degrees to the hollow chisel.  I cut a 30 degree slope and a 90 degree stop in two blocks and screwed them to a piece of plywood.  The holes are for the clamps to hold the piece in place.

It worked pretty good except the clamp handles got in the way.  So I had to move the piece around to complete the larger mortise.

So here are the three segmented legs assembled ready for gluing.  The legs have a little excess material on  the top yet.  I will cut that off after gluing to make sure all three legs are exactly the same length.

Here is todays video:

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