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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Waiting for the Paint to Dry or Tung Oil

I have applied all of the coats of Waterlox that I intend to apply.  I am satisfied with the surface as it is right now.  Now I have to wait for the Waterlox to cure before I do the final rub out and then paste wax.

 Usually this takes about a week or more for it to get a little harder.  Some people wait a month.
I am not that patient.  Oxygen is what cures the tung oil so I have a fan blowing near the pieces to help circulate the air.  The finish is no longer tacky so dust is not a problem with the fan blowing.

So, this project is almost complete.  I have the plans that I drew for the table and a couple of pictures I copied from books about the table with the knee carving pattern.
 I have tried to post pdf's here in the past and I have not been able to figure it out.  So, I you want a copy of the pdf's send me an email to and I'll send them to you.

BTW I think this is a Goddard  table even though I have called it a Townsend table all the way through.  I am told that the way to tell is by the feet but I can not tell the difference.

Now I have to find a new project.

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