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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Looking into a New Project - The Fun Begins

With only having to rub out the current project. It is time to start to look into what to make next.  I started to look through the many books that I have on 18th century furniture.   As well as online like the Yale Art Gallery.  Here is one that caught my eye in Williamsburg this last May.
This is a Philadelphia piece from around 1720, said to be William and Mary style, the turned legs are not all one piece.  They are attached under the apron frame as well as the bottom at the stretcher.  It has exposed dovetails on the sides.  So it is not too sturdy.  Here is another of  similar style from Yale.
Both are Walnut.  Construction is similar.
I like the lines of both pieces but not the construction.  I could improve on the construction by using a one piece leg and mortise the front and sides into the leg but then I think it would change the look a bit.

So I kept looking....  I found this in New England Furniture at Winterthur.
Curved Blockfront Lowboy in mahogany.  Looks interesting.

And from The Cabinetmaker and Carver book
This one is very similar, it is made from walnut with small ball and claw feet.
I think I like the pad foot better.  The two pieces are suspected to be from the same Boston shop but it is all conjecture.  Believed to be from about 1745-1760.
The dimensions are 31H x 33 1/2W x 21 3/4 D.  These are the top dimensions.  The case of course is slightly smaller.   Both are similar in size.  Both are double pinned in leg rail.  I have enough mahogany left over from the last project to make it.   I also have some walnut but would have to get some wide  material for the top.  I will think about it.  Walnut lightens over time and I really like the look of this antique walnut. I could probably make the mahogany this color when I finish the piece.

I have made a block front bureau so I am familiar with the style and construction of the drawer fronts. This is the bureau pictures below.

So the first thing to do is make a full size drawing.  The cabriolet legs in the top picture are thin and do not have a lot of curve.   Do you  think Winterthur would let me come and measure and trace the leg?????  If Yale had the piece I am sure they would.

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