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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Starting a New Project - Curved Blockfront Dressing Table

I have decided to make the curved blockfront dressing table that I found in several books.  The best information I located was in New England Furniture at Winterthur.  I have the overall dimensions and a couple of pictures, so I should be able to figure it out.
This is the mahogany one that is at Winterthur.
 This is a walnut table with ball and claw feet in a private collection. Great picture.

I get started by making blowups of the pictures to actual size if I can.  This allows me to take measurements off of the pictures, plus a little guessing.

I have an old HP 36" plotter which allows up to 36" x 44" prints which helps.

I have started to make the full size drawings, it helps me think through the construction and of course the dimensions.
I am going to make the front, side and top view because there is a lot of curves to figure out in this one. Look's like I am going to need some 12/4 mahogany for the legs but I think I have the rest of the material that I need.

So here is today's video: