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Monday, July 20, 2015

Cherry Oxbow Chest - Rub Out and Finished

It has been 10 days since I applied the last coat of Waterlox.  I could wait longer but it should be hard enough to rub out and apply wax.

Below you can see that I have rubbed out much of the chest reducing the shine on these drawer fronts and the side.

I use Liberon 0000 Steel Wool, it is finer that what you can find at the hardware store.  I make it into a pad and use the steel wool strands perpendicular to the grain of the wood.  This allows the steel wool to cut across the finish.  This knocks off any remaining dust nubs and reduces the shine.  The only down side is that steel wool is messy.  It leaves small steel fibers everywhere, I have to vacuum and wipe everything after I am done.

I am shooting for an even dull finish.  You can see here on the left where I have rubbed it and on the right it is still shiny.  

Then I apply a paste wax on everything and rub it to a new shine.  Here is the finished piece with the hardware attached.   If you remember I had the hardware on once before so attaching it now is quite easy.

The chest looks a little darker here than it really is but that is the light in the shop when I took the picture.  Still it looks pretty good.  
It is done, time to move it to the living room. On to the next project??????

Here is today's video:

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