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Monday, May 8, 2017

Building a Second Workbench - Step 3

Moving right along with the construction of the new bench, I am now concentrating on completing the top.  I need to mill 1" maple tongue and groove stock.  I use the table saw with a dado set to create a 1/4 groove to match the 1/4 inch tongue that I created.

Dado the groove on the table saw.

Dry fitting the maple to the core of the bench top.  I am making a brick pattern.  The maple has a 2 1/2 in face with a 1/4 inch tongue.

All fitted, except for the last row.  The last row will be a little smaller than the others.   I will rip it to size after all of the others are installed.  Now I number each piece so that I can install them exactly as they were dry fitted.

I use glue and nails to hold down each piece.  I am about half done with installing the maple top here.

Installed all of the maple top at this point.  I know about wood expansion and contraction.  So in the winter the cracks between the boards will be a little wider and in the summer they will be a little smaller.  The old bench was made the same way and the wood never moved so much as to cause it to buckle.

I flatten the top of the work bench with my #7 jointer plane.  It takes a little time and gives me a good work out.

Next I started making the drawers out of 3/4 inch plywood.  These are mortised using the dado set to create a 3/8 inch groove and a 3/8 inch tongue in the ends.  These slip together to create a good sturdy drawer once it is glued and nailed together.

After gluing and nailing the sides together I put the bottom plywood panel into a 1/4 inch groove along the bottom of the drawer.  Then I added a 3/4 front panel to create the drawer front.

I tacked the drawer runner on to the sides and they fit into the drawer openings.

Now I need to drill the 3/4 inch dog holes in the bench top.  They are aligned to the holes in the vise face and 6 inches apart.
I made a jig to help keep the drill bit to be 90 degrees perpendicular to the bench top.  It did help but it was not perfect.

Now that the holes are drilled it is time to finish the bench.  I am using a tung oil product named Watco Danish Oil.  I applied two coats.

The bench is complete and ready for use.  Should last a life time.

Here is today's video:

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