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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shaping and Finishing the Bow Saw

This is a quick little project.  So today I shaped and finished the bow saw or turning saw.  I have the drawings from Tools for Working Wood.   I can look at the plans and trace the lines on to the work pieces.

The sides need to be tapered to a 1/4 inch.  I drew a line from the center to the end on both sides leaving a 1/4 inch in the middle.

Starting to use the spoke shave following the line to taper the arm from the center to 1/4 inch on the end.

Making some shavings.  Have to get both sides tapered, just turn it over.

Now to round over the ends.

Using a #50 Nicholson rasp to round over the corners.  Then a smoother file to clean it up.

Using the rasp on the inside of the curved end to round over that and narrow the neck.

All done with one.  Rounded over the edges and the inside where the mortise is located.

Now to make a matching second one.  Before and after.

Then the center stretcher needed to have octagon sides.  I made 3/16 inch lines across all the corners and then used the spoke shave to plane them flat.  You can use the spoke shave both on the push and pull strokes.

That's all there is too it.   Three pieces shaped ready for assembly.

All assembled and ready for final finishing.

I sanded it with a 150 grit sand paper and finished with Minwax Antique Oil.

All done, ready for sawing circles!

Here is today's video:


  1. I enjoyed this as much as I've enjoyed watching you make a piece of furniture. Nice, quick project that leaves you with a useful tool.

  2. Great choice on the finish Dave!
    The turning saw came out great.
    I think I'll use some of my left over hickory and make one as well.